Amon and Cina Sherriff

Amon and his wife Cina are a dynamic duo crusading for mind-body wellness and better health for everyone! They have spent the last 40 years living a lifestyle based in wholistic health, alternative healing, nutrition and the importance of the mind-body connection. They share their wisdom and their genuine care for others in classes and workshops based on their personal experiences of healthy living and stress management.

"Nothing responds quicker to your mind than your body."

Amon Sherriff

Amon Sherriff is a health and wellness expert, intuitive reflexologist, coach, trainer, speaker and musician.He and his wife, Cina, started Aware House in 2005.


When Amon was in his early 20's he was befriended by a couple who owned a health food store. He was fascinated by the world of alternative health therapies health and wellness principles that they introduced him to. He became passionate about reflexology as a healing modality and committed to using it as a way to help others improve their health.


For more than 35 years he has shared his healing gift of reflexology and has been blessed to be a part of countless demonstrations of the body's phenomenal ability to heal itself naturally.


Amon discovered that he could also channel his gift of music to assist others in achieving greater relaxation and balance. He and Cina created the RELAXSHOP which blends music, movement, meditation and mind-body wellness principles together to create a healthy, relaxing experience.


Amon has recently completed his first book called 

Amonisms which is filled with spiritual insights and simple wisdoms that he has experienced along his own personal journey.



"I believe that you have to feel before you can heal."

Cina Sherriff

Cina Sherriff is a teacher, a writer and an intuitive transformational coach. She has shared her natural wisdom and her gift for helping others heal emotionally with children and adults in workshops and classes over the past 20 years.


Her caring nature colors all that she does from teaching mind-body nurturing her own very large family (seven adult children and sixteen grandchildren).


She is co-author of the Relaxbook and faciitator and trainor in the RELAXSHOP along with her husband, Amon.


"We are so happy that you have taken this step toward

improving the quality of your life!

Now it is our pleasure to assist you on your journey toward feeling better!"

-Cina and Amon Sherriff

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