A MindBody Wellness Relaxshop Experience

a unique one hour interactive workshop that combines music, movement, meditation and simple techniques to show participants how to reduce the stressors that block the body’s innate ability

to heal and how to use the art of relaxation to maintain

mindbody harmony.

Studies have shown that the human body possesses an enormous, amazing, and persistent ability to heal itself. Thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that originate in the mind can trigger stress responses in the body that interfere with this natural self-healing process. When we deprive our bodies and minds for long periods of time of the basic requirements necessary to keep us healthy disease (dis-ease) can occur. Data shows that the body can naturally heal itself, and it does so much more effectively, when the mind-body are balanced and relaxed to support the overall self-healing process.  

A State Of Relaxation Does The Body Good!

  • 8 simple ways to relax and reduce stress.

  • How to identify any hidden beliefs that may be causing stress.

  • A powerful breathing technique to reduce anxiety and increase energy.

  • The soothing sounds of live relaxation music.

  • Ways to improve mood by boosting nutrition.

  • The healing power of just 3 minutes.

  • The benefits of bodywork for managing stress

  • A simple acupressure technique that relieves tension and pain.

  • A magical anti-stress mineral.



A Mind Body Wellness RelaxBook for Peaceful People in a Stress-Filled World

20.00 (Shipping & tax included)

Amon Sherriff, an intuitive reflexologist, sound artist, 

and mindbody wellness coach along with his wife Cina, a writer and transformational coach co-authored the Mind-Body Health & Wellness RelaxBook for Peaceful People in a Stress-Filled World. This dynamic duo has spent over 40 years advocating for mindbody wellness, relaxed living, and better health for everyone!


Although the RelaxBook was created to accompany the Relax into Feeling Better RelaxShop it stands alone as an excellent resource for anyone who is being adversely affected by stress and wants to feel better but doesn’t know where to begin.  It’s based on eight simple, easy to follow strategies that can help even the most frazzled learn how to experience a more peace-filled life in an often stress-filled world.

The RelaxBook includes

The Peace-Filled Journey CD 


20.00 (Shipping & tax included)

Sound Therapy


Take 3 minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply and listen to the soothing sounds of the bamboo flute and ocean waves to reset your mind and body.


Affirmations and Music that MOVE You!

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