Peace-Filled Music for Stress-Filled Times...

The Peace-Filled Journey is a collection of soothing acoustic music that can be used for meditation, while practicing yoga or tai-chi, during massages, and other activities that encourage deep relaxation. These musical atmospheres combine the organic tones of the bamboo flute, kalimba or vibraphone with sounds from nature to create soft, serene music without the use of synthesizers. Close your eyes, breathe in the sounds and experience the peace.

Amon Sherriff,musician and composer, has traveled throughout The US and Mexico performing cultural and ethnic music for more than 30 years. Amon plays over 15 different percussion instruments and flutes from countries around the world and was a founding member of several groups. His original compositions have been recorded on three projects titled, Windswept, and Congo Square with Percussion Incorporated of New Orleans and Family Affair, African-American Cultural Music with Family Affair. His latest release, The Peace-Filled Journey, is Amon’s first solo project focusing on music for relaxation.

"Over the last 10 years, Amon's gentle spirit and musical talents have given much peace to bereaved parents at our annual angel garden memorial service. His many gifts also include a willingness to listen and brainstorm for possible resolutions to health issues. It is truly a joy to work with Amon."

- Marcia McGinnis,

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Featuring James Balseiro on drums


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