Relax into Feeling Better

A Mind-Body Wellness Relaxbook for Peaceful People in a Stress-Filled World


Amon Sherriff, an intuitive reflexologist, health coach and musician along with his wife Cina, a writer and transformational coach co-authored the Relax Into Feeling Better- A Mind-Body Health & Wellness Relaxbook for Peaceful People in a Stress-Filled World. This dynamic duo has spent 40 years crusading for mind-body wellness and better health for everyone!


Although the Relaxbook was created to accompany their Relax into Feeling Better Relaxshop it stands alone as an excellent resource for anyone who is being adversely affected by stress,  wants to feel better, but doesn’t know where to begin.  It’s based on eight simple, easy to follow strategies that can help even the most frazzled learn how to experience a more peace-filled life in a stress-filled world.










The Relaxbook includes

The Peace-Filled Journey CD 


20.00 (Shipping & tax included)

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