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Easy, Simple Health Hints 

Try these quick and easy hints right away to help you feel better now!

"Amon used his amazing gift of touch through reflexology to help balance me. Amon is truly a gifted soul. His knowledge of nutritional support is a very important part of who he is, but he is gifted in many areas. He has been an inspiration to me, and others, and his knowledge is invaluable.

I feel so blessed to know him."
-Linda Steger

"I had known Amon for years and respected his knowledge in alternative health care but when
I found that he was a certified reflexologist it was a no brainer! The results have been remarkable! I expected help for my feet but the added benefit of relaxation was over the top! I would give Amon an unqualified endorsement!"

-Nelson Gary

"Amon has been my “go to” person for many years.  Well, I have never met a more beautiful soul who emanates so much light as his smile breaks out at a first greeting.  We know that much of our health, both physical and emotional, depends upon our courage and trust in divine timing, and Amon is a perfect example of this.  He is also a wonderful teacher, imparting the knowledge and wisdom he has gained from his many years of studying.  I know I can count on Amon when I need guidance, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.’’

-Anne Sheahan



Simple Stress Tamer

Amon demonstrates how to do a complete breath.

Three deep, or complete, breaths will lower your blood pressure, help you to relax and give you an energy a boost. Deep breaths bring the mind and the body into harmony.


Quick Headache Relief

A good portion of headaches are the result of dehydration. Try drinking two 8 oz glasses of water one after another, massage the area between your first finger and thumb and breathe! Feel Better!

The 7 Day Lemon Challenge

Drink 1/2 lemon in 4 to 6 oz of water first thing in the morning for 7 days and feel the difference!


The Power Minute

Amon shares how you can take just one minute and use it to empower yourself with positivity and encouragement.

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